The following coins are graded from MS60-MS70. Look for coins professionally graded by reputable companies such as ICCS, NGC and PCGS.

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A mint state coin is any coin that is in the same perfect condition that it was in after having left the mint. Such mint state coins should show absolutely no sign of circulation through human hands. However, it is possible for such coins to show some mint processing defects such as dents or bag marks. The main reason why such coins should never touch any human hands is because the oils from one’s bare fingers could mar the surfaces of coins.

When grading any coins, it is best to grade coins one at a time with the utmost precision. Many international grading companies like the ICCS use various grading systems that help to determine the condition of the coin in use. For Mint State coins the following are the various grades that are assigned.

  • MS-60 -Typical Mintstate
  • MS-61 -Typical Mintstate
  • MS-62 -Select Mintstate
  • MS-63 -Choice Mintstate
  • MS-64 -Very Choice Mintstate
  • MS-65 -Gem Mintstate
  • MS-66 -Gem Mintstate
  • MS-67 -Superb Mintstate
  • MS-68 -Superb Mintstate
  • MS-69 -Superb Mintstate
  • MS-70 -Perfect Mintstate

In the above grading, MS stands for ‘Mint State’ and the numeric value assigned to it denotes the grade value assigned to the coin. 60 is the lowest possible designation that can be assigned to a coin and might indicate that the coin has a very weak base or that it might have minor scratch marks. However, it should be noted that even this low value of 60 is a much higher grade than a coin that has been in circulation. On the other hand, MS-70 denotes a coin that is perfect and has no defects at all. But there are very few coins that have a grade value of 70.

Each successive coin in the numeric values will be of similar quality to its precedent, the only difference being in that it will have fewer marks and hairlines cracks. For instance, an MS-66 coin will have better color and be more lustrous than an MS-63 coin; but at the same time, it might have more hairline cracks than an MS-69 coin.